What does S-RIPA do?

  • Provides opportunities to take actions that lead to systemic changes at all levels of government
  • Encourages and supports candidates for local and state positions by conducting phone/text banks, canvassing, and helping them set-up their campaign
  • Supports state and national organizations in their efforts to advance progressive ideologies and candidates
  • Hosts events to help further progressive objectives and amplify progressive voices

Issues We Care About


  • Maintaining and supporting top quality education
  • Ensuring equitable educational opportunities for all students

Responsible Solar Development and Land Use

  • Making informed land use decisions
  • Protecting our natural resources and communities

Local and State Government

  • Supporting local and state progressive candidates
  • Participating in local and state government

Grassroots Activism

  • Holding our representatives accountable to their constituents
  • Strengthening the voices of progressive in rural communities

Climate Change

  • Promoting science-based decision making
  • Identifying and mitigating climate change hazards

Economic and Social Justice

  • Fighting for inclusivity and equality to end systemic racism
  • Providing a living wage and equitable housing opportunities

S-RIPA Events

Event Date/Time Register Recording
Anti-Racism Roundtable Discussion - A Community Talk event with Lisa Macaruso
Lisa Macaruso will lead a discussion on racism in our rural communities.
Thursday May 27 Register now -
Westerly Anti-Racism Coalition - A Community Talk event with April Dinwoodie
April Dinwoodie will discuss her work with the Westerly Anti-Racism Coalition which embraces multiculturalism to address racism through education and empowerment.
05/20/21 - View here
Our Indigenous Communities - A Community Talk event with Thawn Sherenté Harris, Nkéke Waupianoohoom Harris, and Sherenté Mishitashin Harris
Members of the Narragansett Tribal Nation provide their perspectives on racism in our communities.
05/13/21 - View here
What is Medicare for All and Why Does it Matter? - A Community Talk event with J. Mark Ryan MD FACP and James Cowen MD MPH FACP
Leaders of the RI Chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) will explain single payer, the public option, other proposals, and why the differences matter.
03/25/21 closed View here
Valuing Our Forests - A Community Talk event with Scott Millar
Scott will talk about the RI Forest Values Report published February 2020 and the need to conserve our forests to fight climate change, as well as a proposed forest conservation act.
02/04/2021 closed View here

Find your representatives

Look up by address at RI Secretary of State's Office

Town websites: Charlestown, Exeter, Hopkinton, Richmond, West Greenwich

Office Name Party Since
RI Senate 021 Gordon Rogers R Jan 2019
RI Senate 033 Leonidas Raptakis D 2013
RI Senate 034 Elaine Morgan R Jan 2015
RI Senate 038 Dennis Algiere R 1993
RI House 029 Sherry Roberts R Jan 2015
RI House 030 Justine Caldwell D Jan 2019
RI House 031 Julie Casimiro D 2017
RI House 036 Blake Filippi R Jan 2015
RI House 038 Brian Patrick Kennedy D 1989
RI House 039 Justin Price R Jan 2015

Join us

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S-RIPA members must be a resident of Hopkinton, Charlestown, Richmond, Exeter, or West Greenwich, because we strive to amplify the voices of progressives in our rural communities. Members vote on S-RIPA priorities and activities.

Also, we welcome and encourage participation from progressives from other towns. If you would like to be involved in S-RIPA but do not live in one of the five S-RIPA towns, please select "Participant" below. Participants can do everything that members can do except vote on S-RIPA priorities and activities.

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